Meditation Techniques For Beginners Tricks to Tame Mind

Meditation is the process which helps you in discovering your true self. It helps you in taking you your mind into a relaxed state where you are aware of your body and the surroundings but your concentration does not allow you to think about other things then relaxing. Once you know how to meditate, it would be an effortless state of relaxation.

Meditation Techniques

Many people try too hard to meditate but if you are trying too hard to meditate, you are defeating the very principle of meditation. You have to just follow a normal technique of meditation and once you get habitual, you would be able to meditate effortlessly.

We would be going through some of the meditation techniques for beginners which would help you in starting to meditate and making it easier for you to meditate.

1. Breathing Exercise:
This is one of the most basic forms of meditation which can be pretty easily followed. You have to concentrate on your breathing and you have to concentrate when you are breathing in and when you are breathing out. When you concentrate on your breathing cycle, you would automatically clear your mind of the other thoughts and therefore you would be meditating easily. People think that it is very easy to concentrate on your breath and therefore these breathing exercises are pretty simple but you have to discipline yourself to concentrate only on your breath rather than thinking about other things.

2. Mantra Meditation:
Mantra is a chant which you have to recite whenever you are meditating. This would ensure that instead of thinking or speaking something else, you just chant Mantras and you would be able to meditate. This would also help you in staying at a single place for a longer period of time during meditation. Mantra is easy to recite and has a music type tone as well and therefore providing you with an easy recitation as well.

3. Steady Gaze:
In this method of meditation, you have to concentrate on an object which is placed in front of you. In most of the cases, this is a burning candle on whose flame you have to concentrate. Since the flame is moving as well, it attracts your attention automatically. When you are gazing at the flame, you would not be able to think about anything else and therefore your mind would be free of any other thoughts.

At first, the beginners feel problems in focusing their mind. But it has been already stated that getting into the meditative stages is a tough as well as tedious process and only religious practice can guarantee success. Meditation techniques for beginners involve step-by-step training modules.

The beginners may be trained under a proficient trainer or can buy the meditation CDs to imbibe the basic techniques. Whatever be the preferred choice for the beginners, they must invest a great deal of time to earn excellence in this regard. Meditation techniques for beginners bring them a lot of benefits. Meditation is not only the perfect medication for the mental disorders but also a way to keep us physically fit for good and ever.

As you can see, in each of these methods of meditation, you are directing your attention from the thoughts which you are thinking about at present and then you are focusing your attention on something else. This ensures that you do not have the time or the mental space to think about any other thoughts during meditation. Meditation makes you concentrate on the thing on which you should be concentrating. Therefore, when you practice meditation regularly, you can be sure that you would be able to increase your focus and concentration as well through the regular sessions of meditation.

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